Google changing the way it will display search results?

Many years ago, Google made SEO…

a little easier for small businesses by adding an algorithm that added location to search queries. Nowadays, if you focus your SEO on what you do and where you are located, you have better chances of being seen when and by whom it matters.

Now, something else may be about to change in how web page results are displayed. Currently, once your query loads, you have “X” amount of results on first page, then you either click to page 2 etc or re-type a slightly different query. Many of us don’t click on page 2, 3… and that is why everyone is fighting for a space in page 1 – which for many small businesses is just about impossible.

Some of you may have noticed how Google displays results for images. A long page that keeps going and going until finally, it stops and gives you an option to show more.

What may be coming is similar to that but a bit different – better I think.

Similar to how it already displays a search in images tab, web pages results will now also be all on one very long page, an almost endless page. But there’s a few more things that will also change. The top search query box will remain fixed at the top of your screen, allowing you to retype your query without having to scroll all the way back up. And so will the sidebar choices – they will remain fixed on the side even as you scroll down. As well, Google has not long ago added the preview page option; this will remain and open on the right side of the site you may be interested in viewing.

What does that mean for you?

No one knows for sure if Google will actually implement this, but many suspect they just might as Google is testing the new user interface. If so, then chances are, many more websites will get a chance at being found as people will scroll down much more than they would click on page 2,3… and hence, see many more results that would normally have been on page 3, 4, or even 5.

Of all the changes made to Google’s algorithms or interface this past year – and there’s been so many! Not all of which have made us happy – this new user interface just might be a really good thing.

We hope they go for it. It just might give a little hope to those of us suffering from “Google despair”


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