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Websites & Online Marketing

Why go for a custom website?

If you understand the importance of branding, then it comes as no surprise that your website should also reflect your brand. Not only in how it looks but in how it functions through the different apps, components or widgets set up within the site.

Many people misunderstand what a custom website really is. It’s not just a pretty looking site designed just for you. A custom website is also built using specifically chosen applications, widgets and / or components that can be crucial in allowing your site to do what it is intended to do. That is where a web designer / coder / webmaster will be necessary to insure it all works perfectly.

Take a look at some of our most recent work and see how they function live:


Citrus ConstructionsHTML5 – RESPONSIVE!
Citrus Constructions
Construction, renovation contractors in Puerto Vallarta

Colibri Design - Tiles & Custom Tiling Designs in Puerto VallartaHTML5 – RESPONSIVE!
Colibri Design
Everything you need for all your tiling needs in Puerto Vallarta.

PuRR Project - No-kill Feline Rescue Shelter websiteHTML5 – RESPONSIVE!
Purr Project – Feline rescue shelter in Puerto Vallarta

Truescribe BeatsHTML5 – RESPONSIVE!
Truescribe Beats
Music composer, Song writer, Rapper & Lyricist

A good website…

is built by taking into consideration these main criteria (at least!):

Type of business – What will be needed from the website
Designed to fit your target audience
Quality Content – Text & images
Ready for expansion – should your business grow
User Friendliness & Functionality
Reliability – Everything works & site never goes offline
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – SEO can change on a regular basis

Connection with Social Media & other Internet services you use
Good Structure & Layout – Includes visual appearance
Security – Keeping it clean from damaging scripts installed by third parties that can be harmful to visitors’ equipment
Appropriate and easy to remember URL – Preferably short
Everything has been optimized for the Web for fast loading time


Make sure you start on the right foot. Having to completely redo a website because it was not done properly in the first place can be very frustrating, not to mention a waste of your time, money and possible loss of potential customers.

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photography for clients

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