Wildlife & Nature Photography

Photography is a Passion…

that you either have or not. For those that do, it can be very rewarding to almost perfectly capture moments frozen in time; to capture a mood, a feeling, an action. To be able to transport the viewer into another world, one you’ve seen and experienced.

The pictures displayed on this page are for sale. If any of them fill a need you may have, feel free to inquire about purchasing a license.

A picture is worth a thousand words…

and in some cases, it can be.

I won’t lie, sometimes you get lucky, end up at the right place and time with your camera settings just right for the shot. But more often than not, good wildlife and nature photography requires preparation, patience, skill and good equipment.


Preparation happens on many levels. Here are a few common ones that I use on a regular basis:

[one_half first][dropcap1]₪[/dropcap1] The subject – what is the intended target of the shoot
[dropcap1]₪[/dropcap1] Location of the subject – Indoor / Outdoor
[dropcap1]₪[/dropcap1] Choosing the best time to capture that subject – Morning / Day / Evening / Night[/one_half] [one_half][dropcap1]₪[/dropcap1] Preparing the right equipment – Lenses / Filters / Tripod / Lighting etc
[dropcap1]₪[/dropcap1] Having pre-set custom programs in your camera that you expect to use the most for quick change from one setting to another
[dropcap1]₪[/dropcap1] Extra batteries & Memory cards[/one_half]


It goes without saying that for wildlife photography, patience is a must if you intend to end up with great shots. Often, I’ve had to sit or lay still, sometimes in uncomfortable positions, waiting for my subject to move, turn, jump etc to get the shot. Not spooking the subject can sometimes be difficult, but you soon forget the period of discomfort once you see the results on large screen.


One can easily achieve pretty good results with practice and a good photography tutorial book or mentor. What is most important, is knowing your equipment thoroughly. You need to know your camera inside and out, what each setting will do, where your buttons are so you don’t have to look away to change settings and can keep focused on your subject. The camera needs to become an extension of you, not just a tool.

Once you’ve got a perfect grip on your equipment, knowing about composition, exposure / lighting, lens speed, depth of field / focus etc, will bring you to the next level.

note: Any photographer worth his salt will tell you they always shoot at minimum “300dpi large format” or even “Raw“. Hence the need for large capacity memory cards & extras ones.


There are tons of options out there for different budgets, but if you are serious about photography, you’ll definitely need a good camera body with different lenses. I tend to like Nikon bodies because they offer a larger choice of affordable lenses than say Canon. Well, at least it was that way when I last shopped. However, Canon has some pretty awesome 800mm lenses if you have the budget to spend $12,000 to $16,000 for a lens. In any case, do your research before buying, study the options for each and select the one that will best suit your needs.

There are many extras to buy if you have specific needs. For example, if you plan to shoot on water from boats a lot, you’ll need and anti-glare filter along with a stabilizer for reducing vibration. If you like macro photography, a good macro lens will obviously be necessary. If you like birds, a good quality long range lens will be a must; it is rare you can get close enough to a bird to get a shot with a regular or even 300mm lens. You may need special lighting, a tripod for insuring stability etc. Whatever your specific needs, I will always recommend researching well before buying. Good equipment doesn’t come cheap, you’ll want to make sure you spend on the right stuff.

Have fun!


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